How do I spend my 2 days holiday?

Hey! Just finished my 2 day holiday. Is not a relaxing day for me  Feel sick/tired but thank god everything was fine. Working hard for my blog. Looking for more way to figure it out. And meeting so many new friends! Thank for sharing all the tips for me. You guys are really nice to me. Grateful

你们真的对我很好。 感恩


When I start my holiday I using my free time to do a lot of research about travel. Try to make a video (but not a youtube) just for fun. Doing a lot of interviews with some traveller. Planning my blog post. And more. Is tired of sure but is worth it. And I like it.


And in the night I also spend some time on my Netflix. Is been a long time. And I miss it so much. So I decided to watch a movie to relax during my night. Guess what movie I have?  


Ace Ventura: Pet Detective


This is a super funny movie! Yeah is make me laugh (don’t stop). Jim Carrey definitely is a funny person ( i wish I have a boyfriend like him) I think that must make me laugh every single day. That should be nice.

Ace Ventura:宠物侦探

Jim Carrey绝对是一个有趣的人(我希望我有一个像他这样的男朋友)我认为每天都必须让我开怀大笑。那应该不错。


And what is the story about? When the dolphin mascot of Miami’s NFL team is abducted, Ace Ventura (Jim Carrey), a zany private investigator who specializes in finding missing animals, looks into the case. Soon Miami Dolphins players are kidnapped too, including star player Dan Marino (Dan Marino), making Ace’s sleuth work even more pressing. Working with Dolphins representative Melissa Robinson (Courteney Cox), Ace closes in on the culprits, but not before many ridiculous misadventures.

这是什么故事?当迈阿密NFL队的海豚吉祥物被绑架时,专门寻找失踪动物的滑稽私人调查员艾斯文图拉(Jim Carrey)调查此案。不久,迈阿密海豚球员也遭到绑架,其中包括明星球员丹·马里诺(Dan Marino),这使得Ace的侦探工作更加紧迫。与海豚代表Melissa Robinson(Courteney Cox)合作,Ace关闭了罪魁祸首,但不是在许多荒谬的不幸事件发生之前。


Go to check it out! I hope you will enjoy this movie too xD


Also, want to thank everyone for your attention and message (this is really important to me) Thank you very much for spending time on my blog. Because my English is really bad, but I see friends from the United States/UK (Europe) to reading my blog
really thank you all. I will continue to work hard to bring you more travel information, or if you have anything you want to know, you can leave a message or email me! (I will reply, just need some time, because I usually go to work)
You can also email me if you want to cooperate!

还有想谢谢大家的关注 和 留言 (这对我来说真的很重要)真的很谢谢大家花时间在我的博客。因为我的英文真的不好,但是我看见几乎来自美国/英国的朋友(欧洲)真的很谢谢大家。 我会继续努力为大家带来更多的旅游资讯 ,又或者你们有什么想看想知道的 统统都可以留言或电邮给我!(我都会回复,只是需要点时间,因为平时有在上班)要合作也可以电邮我!


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Can’t wait for my next journey !!

Wish a lovely day.

祝 美好的一天

Love , Jess


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