How do I make friends far from 5000 miles away

Hi Babes! How are you all? I wish you all have a lovely day or lovely night 🙂 today just want to share one of my experiences How Do I Make Friends Far From 5000 Miles Away.


I think I always have mention that how I know my long distance best friends. (And they from anywhere) like from USA, Canada, Belgium, Poland, Greece, Austria, Italy, Los Angeles, Australia, Singapore, India, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Taiwan They all are girls (haha) I think only have one or two is a guys. So how do we meet? I remember we all supposed meet on twitter and we are have same favourite person ( Sam Tsui ) and then we have the same topic.

我想我总是提到我如何认识我的远距离最好的朋友。 (来自世界各地)来自美国,加拿大,比利时,波兰,希腊,奥地利,意大利,洛杉矶,澳大利亚,新加坡,印度,韩国,日本,印度尼西亚,香港还有台湾。他们都是女孩(哈哈)我认为只有一两个人是男生。那我们是怎么认识的?我记得我们都应该在Twitter上遇见,我们有同样最喜欢的人(Sam Tsui)然后我们就开始有相同的话题。

After that I decided to make a group chat on WhatsApp and let more people come to join us! Is was really great memories with all of them. Is so grateful for this! When Anyone of us who meeting Sam and they will try to make video or pictures and send to our WhatsApp group chat. And I did it too for sure :p and the group chat was created on 15 Jan 2015. I mean that is so fast on next week is our 4 year anniversary! I mean is a really good time to know they

之后我决定在WhatsApp上进行群聊,让更多人加入我们!与他们所有人真的是美好的回忆。真是感激不尽!当我们任何人遇到Sam时,我们都会尝试制作视频或图片并发送给我们的WhatsApp小组聊天。我也确实这样做了:p 小组聊天是在2015年1月15日创建的。我的意思是下周这么快就是我们的4周年纪念日!我的意思是一个非常好的时间来了解他们

And we also have send the letter for each other and some picture or postcard from their country. And always make me feel love & Cheer me up when I get upset


A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.

Sweet is the memory of distant friends! Like the mellow rays of the departing sun, it falls tenderly, yet sadly, on the heart.

Just want to said thank you so much for everyone on the group chat and thank for all those moments that we spend it together. You guys are the amazing people for me! Always so sweet and supporting anyone on the group


I really hope to meet everyone on the group when I start my adventure later. And somehow last year that I decided to Europe and meet Ann she was really nice person and bring me home and let me stay with her we did spend sometimes to talk is really nice and great experience


Really thank you for everything and everyone in my life. I love you all and twitter

Good Day

Love, Jess


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